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Easton MD, 21601

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CTM Custom Motorcycles

From ground up builds to simple bolt ons.... we do it all!

Matt Elzey
Owner of CTM Customs

About CTM Customs


CTM Customs specializes in building "one-off" custom motorcycles and custom parts. We lke to blend a modern edge with a lot of old skool, hot rod experience. We want to make your motorcycle that special piece that everyone can't wait to see. Hey, if no two people are alike, why should motorcycles? We will provide you the best in quality and functionality that your hard earned money can buy. If you can't ride them, what's the purpose?

CTM Customs will either build you the one of a kind custom of your dreams or make your exisiting ride a unique piece of art. The choice is yours.

In addition, CTM Customs will also complete your routine service work and minor repairs if that is al you need. We are a full service facility that are dealers for all major parts companies to include; Drag Specialties, Custom Chrome, Ride Wright Wheels, S & S, Baker Drivetrain, DNA Specialties, JayBrake, Mid-USA, Mid-West, Performance Machine, RC Components, and many more.


Matt Elzey, an Eastern Shore Native, has been around cars and motorcycles for his entire adult life. A Rural blue collar area, Matt grew up and cut his teeth around his Dad's automotive shop. He can remember his Dad saying, "Someday all of these tools will be yours!" Matt would quickly dispel those thoughts, saying that he was going to do something else. Well little did he know that maybe not cars, but motorcycles would be the vehicle calling.

"I can still remember my Dad tearing down his Harley out in the garage, painting the tins, rebuilding the engine, making parts, it's what he had to do. There wasn't catalog after catalog of parts to pick from."  Maybe that is where the juice came from? Matt customized some cars and trucks along the way and eventually bought his own Harley. Like all of his other vehicles, Matt just couldn't stop the need to be different. Most said he couldn't do it, and only a few stood firmly by his side and said make it happen! So what started out as wanting to be different in his garage is what you see today.

After attending some bike shows and getting some recognition for his work, Matt decided to start producing some parts and bikes out of his garage. As life would have it, Matt and his family decided to move to Easton. With no garage, Matt continued to work out of his basement until he started to stack parts in the living room. Enough was enough!

In 2003, CTM Customs was established and moved into a commercial facility in Easton, Maryland where it is located today. Stop by and see us, we will make your dreams come true!

"A special thanks to all of my family, and those select few that have stood by since the beginning. It's all of you that make it possible!"